Sushi lunchbox

I have a confession to make: I actually love making school lunches. Of course, some days are too rushed and my 6yo’s fussiness can sometimes suck the fun out of it, but I mostly love it. 

So, I thought I’d share my current favourite with you. It’s likely to be the first of many. This one was for Ms 10 – who is decidedly not fussy (thank goodness). 

This lunchbox contains avocado sushi, fried tofu, snowpeas & carrot sticks, dragonfruit, strawberries & half a fig, and a bliss ball. 

The green smoothie was her breakfast. 

Here, for contrast, you can see one of my 6yo’s lunchboxes. One day he’ll eat a rainbow, but not yet…  

This one contains baked beans (in a thermos), soba noodles & tofu, rice crackers & hummus, seaweed, macadamia nuts & a bliss ball. 

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